How to make a telephone number clickable on your Android or your iPhone

If you use your smart-phone (iPhone or Android) for surfing on internet you will have notice that some times is very frustrating or very difficult to copy and past a phone number in order to use it for a phone call.

A simple and quick solution for all the web designers/developers to avoid  to make the user  s life difficult is to set the telephone number as a link.

Please call <a href="tel:+441234567890">(+44) 0123 456 7890</a>

instead of

Please call (+44) 0123 456 7890

A link like that will not have any side effect for a normal desktop or laptop user but it will be very helpful users that use a smart-phone or a tablet.

So a good practice is to  always use this telephone number link

<a href="tel:+441234567890">0123 456 7890</a>

tel: is also compatible with some telephone softwares.